Portable Long Service Leave Levies

Portable Long Service Leave Levies are imposed and administered by each of the Australian State Governments. They are a mechanism to provide long service leave entitlements for workers in the building and construction industry who do not ordinarily have the opportunity for sustained employment due to the nature of their industry.

We can assist your business to minimise the quantum of Levies payable on building and construction work projects throughout Australia, apply for all available exemptions and ensure compliance with each State’s specific legislation. In particular, we offer a range of services, including:

•   assistance with calculating the amount of Levies payable, including application of exemptions to minimise liability;

•   assistance with lodging notification and payment forms with the relevant State authorities;

•   voluntary disclosures and requests for remission of interest and penalties where liabilities have not been met;

•   submissions to the relevant State authority in respect of the Levies, including refund submissions;

•   applications to pay the Levy by instalments; and

•   dispute resolution.

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