Customs Duty

Customs Duty is an indirect tax levied on goods at the time they are imported into Australia. It is a protectionist measure designed to protect local industry from foreign competition. Customs duty rates vary and depend on a number of factors, such as the type of goods and country of origin but the most common rate applicable to importations into Australia is 5% of the customs value of the goods.

We can assist your business to reduce or eliminate the amount of customs duty payable on past or future importations, ensure compliance with all relevant laws and assist with dispute resolution and minimisation of penalties where breaches have occurred.

Has your business purchased goods from overseas in the last four years? Are you aware of how much customs duty you have paid on those goods? Do you know whether you have taken advantage of all of the customs duty concessions available to you?

Our customs duty refund assessment is a simple process by which we review your past importations based on data provided from the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service (‘Customs’), and provide you with a brief report outlining any areas of potential retrospective customs duty refunds. Should we identify any refund opportunity, we will work with you in order to recover those amounts.

In addition to customs duty refund assessments, PPM offers consulting services for a range of customs related issues, including:

•   customs valuation;

•   tariff classification;

•   international supply chain structuring;

•   Tariff Advice and Tariff Concession Order applications;

•   Tariff Concession Order objections;

•   customs duty drawbacks;

•   temporary importation concessions;

•   TRADEX scheme;

•   assessments of Australian manufacturing capability (necessary to determine whether substitutable goods are available in Australia);

•   Free Trade Agreements;

•   Anti-dumping; and

•   audit preparation / dispute resolution.

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