Excise Duty

The Federal Government taxes the use of alcohol, fuel and tobacco by imposing excise duty on Australia manufacturers of these goods or, excise-equivalent customs duty on importers of these goods.  Generally speaking, the excise is passed on to the end consumer of the excisable goods.

We can assist your business to maximise its entitlements with regards to the range of duties, credits, drawbacks and grants available to businesses that manufacture, import or use excisable goods in their business operations and, in many cases, we can recover cash refunds for your business.

PPM offers consulting services for a range of excise related issues, including:

  • Excise drawbacks and refunds;
  • Excise licenses and permissions; and
  • The Product Stewardship for Oil Program which is aimed at supporting and encouraging environmentally sustainable management through the manufacture and use of recycled fuel oils.
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