FTC Manager

FTC Manager is an automated system that uses GPS data generated by Teletrac Navman hardware to maximise your FTC entitlements.  Using innovative two-layered mapping technology, FTC Manager tracks vehicle activity on and off the public road network and calculates claim entitlement for fuel used for off-road travel, off-road idle and to operate auxiliary equipment.  By using representative sample period data, FTC Manager can also deliver lump sum retrospective refunds in relation to fuel purchases over the last four years.

FTC Manager enables your business to maximise claim value with full transparency and auditability.  FTC Manager is supported by two ATO Class Rulings which confirm that the reports produced by the system can be used to substantiate FTC claims.

Some of the benefits of the FTC Manager system include:

  • Increasing your FTC entitlement with accurate off-road trip recording and auxiliary fuel consumption reports
  • Reducing your administration time with streamlined claim preparation, automated claims calculations and easy to use online reporting
  • Reduces your tax risk with 2 ATO Class Rulings, full transparency and auditability of claims
  • Providing knowledge and awareness of where your vehicles are, where they have been and how they are being driven

Further information for FTC Manager is available on the Teletrac Navman website here.

Download the FTC Manager product brochure here.

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