Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

The key to identifying, managing and growing the value of innovation

93 percent of executives surveyed by global professional services company Accenture stated that innovation is critical to their company’s long-term success.  In the same survey, only 18 percent of executives felt their company’s innovation efforts were providing them with an advantage.  For this reason, at PPM Innovation, we don’t just offer R&D Tax Incentive services, Transfer Pricing advice or EMDG assistance, (all of which can assist your business maximise the returns from its investment in innovation).  We also work with you to identify any gaps in your knowledge management process, gaps that could be costing your business time and resources (and therefore, money and opportunity).

At PPM, our Knowledge Management Specialists can help your business develop and implement knowledge management and data capture processes, processes that are often essential in order to bridge the divide between a successful R&D project and commercial success.  By maximising your business’ ability to generate, identify, collect, access and exploit knowledge generated within your business, our Knowledge Management Specialists can help your business maximise the benefits associated with your R&D and innovation programs. By assisting businesses develop and adopt a formal, end-to-end project management strategy, PPM can help you create a knowledge management process and platform that provides your business with the best opportunity to use the knowledge generated within your business to achieve maximum output from the use of your business’ valuable resources, leading to enhanced commercial success.

Specific Knowledge Management Services offered by PPM include:

  • Identification of current knowledge management tools and processes
  • Assessment of current knowledge management tools and processes including a ‘gap’ analysis
  • Development of knowledge management policies and strategies and assistance with the implementation of developed policies
  • Internal audit of adherence to knowledge management policies, including an ‘Outcome and Opportunity’ Report
  • Knowledge management training and workshops
  • Liaising with subject matter and project management experts in order to develop and implement specific knowledge management processes within technical teams
  • Identification of intangible assets created through knowledge management processes (such as know-how, technical manuals, production instructions, trial data and analysis etc.).

PPM’s highly skilled knowledge management team help a range of businesses assess and enhance the effectiveness of their knowledge management practices, which ultimately leads to an increase in the value of knowledge generated.

At PPM, Specialisation is the key to unlocking exceptional outcomes for our clients.  To discuss your business’ knowledge management needs, please contact David Mason at .

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