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Stamp duty (sometimes called transfer duty) applies to far more than just buying and selling property. In fact, it has been significantly expanded in most States, including Queensland. Now it can be triggered when your business is going through a restructure or a sale or when you are considering selling your shares in a company, creating a trust or otherwise engaging in a ‘dutiable’ transaction.

So, before you enter into any transaction, it’s vital that you consider whether stamp duty is payable.

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At PPM we offer expert strategies to manage your stamp duty exposure proactively. We also help in the lodgement, reporting and payment of duties. And we have decades of experience with stamp duty management for mergers, acquisitions and restructures across all Australian jurisdictions.

If it falls under the legislation, or even if it doesn’t, we can help you understand the best way forward in terms of stamp and. transfer duty.

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Clients choose to work with because we thoroughly understand their commercial goals. We have an in-depth knowledge of stamp duty legislation, and keep our knowledge up to date at all times. When you work with PPM, you have the added benefit of having a partner assigned to you who is available to provide expert advice, and commercially acceptable solutions in a way that adds value to the business overall.

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